BSR-IICRC S550 Commercial Structure Drying

BSR-IICRC S550 Standard for Professional Water Damage Restoration of Commercial Structures

The S550 is a procedural standard for performing water damage restoration in commercial, industrial institutional, and complex residential structures, systems and furniture, fixtures and equipment. The proposed standard includes: Building and Material Science; Drying Complex Materials and Systems; Safety and Health; Project Coordination, Documentation, Logistics and Risk Management; Inspections, Preliminary Determinations and Pre-Restoration Evaluations; Limitations, Complexities, Complications, and Conflicts; Specialized Experts; Restoration Procedures; HVAC; Evaluation and Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment; Historical Buildings; Government; and Healthcare Facilities.

IICRC is currently initiating the development of the BSR-IICRC S550. Those interested in participating on the S550 Consensus Body or Chapter Committees should open and fill out the S550 Application Form, and email it back to IICRC Standards at

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Note: BSR is the ANSI Board of Standards Review that reviews and approves Standards as American National Standards. All new Standards under development are designated as BSR-IICRC till such time that they receive final approval from ANSI and can be published.

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