Mold Removal Specialist (MRS)

The IICRC has developed a certification exam for professionals in the mold remediation industry.   The Mold Removal Specialist (MRS) certification exam will certify that successful candidates meet all state licensing requirements.

The Mold Removal Specialist (MRS) certification recognizes professionals who have the knowledge and skills necessary to: perform mold remediation  for structures and contents; design and maintain containment; control pressure differentials; safely work in mold contaminated environments; understand common remediation work practices;  review protocols;  design and implement remediation processes;  understand and follow industry standards and legal requirements; recognize conditions conducive for causing mold growth; and prevent amplification and contamination for a variety of building environment types. 

The successful candidate of the MRS certification program will be trained and experienced to follow directions and specifications unsupervised. The successful candidate will be qualified to perform work that conforms to mold remediation specifications following established procedures for quality control and specification modifications.

The certification does not imply that a certificate holder is considered or qualified to be an onsite decision-maker for activities that require advanced expertise such as implementing quality control procedures, developing or changing specifications, performing assessments or post remediation verification, conducting safety audits or making complex Industrial Hygiene and safety decisions.

The MRS certification is the industry’s premiere certification and is far more rigorous than most professional credentials. It is highly prized by employers because it is based on repeatable, proven work.


Anyone who has been in the mold industry for more than one year qualifies to sit for IICRC Mold Removal Specialist Exam. The Mold Removal Specialist (MRS) certification does not replace the current Applied Microbial Restoration Technician (AMRT) exam; it is an additional level of certification.

The differences between the MRS certification and the AMRT certification are:

  • There are no continuing education requirements – only an annual renewal fee and a recertification every five years.
  • The actual exam will be completed at a testing center located closest to you.
  • While strongly encouraged, no training pre-requisites are required to take the exam.
  • This is the first IICRC exam not associated with a specific training course.

This exam will be administered at Kryterion Testing Centers across the world. For more information, please refer to the MRS Candidate HandbookClick here to apply for your MRS exam.


I participated in the Mold Removal Specialist Certification beta program since the certification is an added way of differentiating myself from typical mold remediation contractors.  In addition, my experience in other fields is that when trades fail to police themselves (through certification, etc.), then state or federal regulation is soon to follow.  My experience in taking the Mold Removal Specialist Certification Program beta exam was a pleasant and enriching one.  The registration process was simple, the testing location was close by and exam preparation was a great refresher.  – Wayne Worthen, ServPro of University Place/Lakewood West

I took the exam in hopes of some national independent certification that is all encompassing for mold specialists. It’s aggravating competing with “specialists” that just took a 1 hour class or internet “certification” and now they are “professionals.”  - Dianne Kehler, Remedics Restoration Carolinas

This was a very challenging test that will truly separate the Mold Specialists from the pretenders.  I highly recommend attaining this certification to distinguish yourself from the competition.  - Rob Macpherson, DKC Highland Restoration

Every professional (real estate broker, property manager, banks, and high end companies) asks “are you certified” – you can guess what I share with them. This exam was the most convenient and “cheap” – no motel/no travel/no food/ and monitored in a professional office setting. Take the certification and be proud.  - Myles Creed, ESS


IICRC has set up an online system to submit any complaints associated with this program.  It is strongly recommended the review of the IICRC Code of Ethics and/or Appeals before and during the preparation of a case in order to understand the organization’s procedures and standards.  For more information, please refer to the Standalone Exams Policies and Procedures.  To submit an Ethics Charge Statement, please click here to start the process.  To submit an Appeal Request, please click here to start the process.

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