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IICRCToday: August 2017

  • Hurricane Harvey: A Note From the Chairman
  • Standards Updates
  • IICRC Technical Conference – It’s a Wrap!
  • RFMT Certification Updates
  • Spotlight: Ron Legacy
  • International Updates
  • Certified Firm Webinar Series and more

IICRCToday: June 2017

  • Standards Update
  • IICRC Technical Conference Announces Presenters
  • The ANSI/IICRC S500 “Cliffs Notes”
  • Cy Gantt and Keith Williams Awards Nominations
  • International Updates
  • Fall Meeting Updates, Summer Storm Season and more

IICRCToday: April 2017

  • Standards Upate
  • S540 Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup Standard Published
  • Registration Open for IICRC Technical Conference
  • Spotlight: John C. Solloway
  • IICRC Segment on Dr. Oz Show, New URLs and more

IICRCToday: February 2017

  • Standards Upate
  • Get to Know the Board of Directors
  • 2017 Technical Conference Announcement
  • Spotlight: Joseph P. Cipriano
  • Upcoming Meeting Dates and more

IICRCToday: December 2016

  • A Look Back and a Look Ahead with Richard Greene
  • IICRC Recognitions and Awards
  • Standards Update
  • Spotlight: Dan Worley

IICRCToday: October 2016

  • 2017-2017 Board Election Results
  • IICRC Elections: How it Works
  • Standards Updates
  • Spotlight: Bryan Bradley
  • International Updates and more

IICRCToday: August 2016

  • A Note From the Chairman: Self-Management Transition
  • Standards Updates
  • Self-Management Q&A with Richard Greene
  • The “New” IICRC with Board Member Jeff Bishop
  • International Updates and more

IICRCToday: June 2016

  • Spring Board Meeting Recap
  • Standards Updates
  • 2016 Keith Williams Award Winner
  • Spotlight: John Howell
  • International Updates and more

IICRCToday: April 2016

  • Q&A with IICRC Presdent Richard Greene
  • Standards Updates
  • Spring Storm Season Tips
  • Spotlight: Al Frazier
  • International Updates and more

IICRCToday: February 2016

  • Meet the New President
  • Standards Updates: Call for members, new video promotion
  • IICRC Technical Conference Update
  • MoU Update: American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA)
  • International Updates and more

IICRCToday: December 2015

  • Meet the New Chairman
  • Farewell to Patrick Winters
  • Standards Updates: S500 and S520 Published
  • IICRC Technical Conference Update
  • MoU Update: The Flooring Contractors Association (FCICA)
  • Spotlight: Brian Limer
  • IICRC Instructor Recognition

IICRCToday: October 2015
Feature Articles

  • Board of Director Elections
  • Standards Subscription Website Launch
  • Mold Remediation: What Happens After a Flood
  • IICRC Technical Conference Update
  • MoU Update: Restoration Industry Association

IICRCToday: August 2015
Feature Articles

  • Standards Updates
  • Tips for Combating Household Odors
  • MoU Spotlight: ISSA
  • Spotlight: Aaron and Justin Ridenour
  • IICRCA May 2016 Tradeshow Update

IICRCToday: June 2015
Feature Articles

  • Standards Updates
  • Seven Easy Ways to Grow Your Cleaning and Restoration Business
  • MoU Spotlight: IEHA
  • Spotlight: Aaron and Justin Ridenour

IICRCToday: April 2015
Feature Articles

  • Standards Updates
  • New IICRCA Event Tradeshow Details
  • MoU Spotlight: NFSI
  • Certified Firm Scholarship Offer
  • Spotlight: Brett Clem

IICRCToday: February 2015
Feature Articles

  • Management Transition Letter from the Chairman
  • S100 Standard Update
  • IICRCA Update: THE EVENT Tradeshow Details
  • MoU Spotlight: IAQA
  • Concrete Maintenance Misconceptions Article

IICRCToday: December 2014
Feature Articles

  • Photo Contest Results
  • FCICA MoU Announcement
  • THE EVENT: IICRCA Tradeshow Details
  • Top Stains of the Season Study
  • MoU Spotlight: NADCA
  • Spotlight: John Sobeck

IICRCToday: October 2014
Feature Articles

  • Fall BOD Meetin Recap, Election Results
  • MoU Spotlight: NWFA
  • Standards Updates
  • Spotlight: Mark Carey

IICRCToday: August 2014
Feature Articles

  • Region Restructure Name Change
  • Fall Election Breakdown
  • Standards Updates
  • Storm Damage Spotlight: Tom Plant

IICRCToday: June 2014
Feature Articles

  • Global Resource Center Renovation Update
  • Helping the Environment One Carpet at a Time
  • Standards Updates
  • Spotlight: Tom Vegter and Mary Space

IICRCToday: April 2014
Feature Articles:

  • Recap: Spring Certification Council and BOD Meeting
  • Technical Journal Update
  • Standards Updates
  • Spotlight: Gary Bourke

IICRCToday: February 2014
Feature Articles:

  • IICRC Publishes ANSI/IICRC S800
  • Debut of New Global Resource Center
  • IEHA MoU Announcement
  • Spotlight: Elan Kissar

IICRCToday: December 2013
Feature Articles:

  • Global Resource Center Opening Event
  • 2013/2014 Board of Directors Announcement
  • Standards Updates
  • Spotlight: Cory Tuhaka

IICRCToday: October 2013
Feature Articles:

  • NADCA MoU Announcement
  • Mili Washington Elected to SES BOD
  • Standards Updates
  • Spotlight: Matt Goebel

IICRCToday: August 2013
Feature Articles:

  • IICRC Purchases New Property for Global Resource Center
  • IICRC MRS Program Now Accepted for Mold Remediation in Florida
  • Standards Update
  • Spotlight: Andrew Bartlett
  • E-Newsletter Naming Contest Winner

IICRC e-News: June 2013
Feature Articles:

  • Recap: Spring BOD Meeting
  • NFSI MoU Announcement
  • Spotlight: Mike West

IICRC e-News: April 2013
Feature Articles:

  • IICRC Reviewing Proposals for New Technical Journal
  • Meet IICRC’s New Communications Consultant

IICRC e-News: January 2013
Feature Articles:

  • Exam & Technician Fees in 2013
  • IICRC S600 and S800 Standards Now Available for Public Review

IICRC e-News: November 2012
Feature Articles:

  • IICRC on Designing Spaces
  • Ed York Founder’s Award

IICRC e-News: September 2012
Feature Articles:

  • Standards Committee Restructured
  • Advancing Relationships: MoUs

IICRC e-News: July 2012
Feature Articles:

  • Recap: Carpet Industry Meetings
  • Beta Testers Needed: Mold Removal Specialist (MRS) Exam
  • Volunteers Needed: S210 and S300 Standards

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