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BSR/IICRC S530 Standard for Indoor Environmental Assessment for Suspected Mold Contaminated Structures

This new Standard will establish a proper methodology and protocol for the inspection and evaluation of structure that is known or suspected to have mold contamination, and will promote proper methodology and processes for the assessment of mold-contaminated structures.


IICRC is seeking volunteers from the following stakeholder categories: restoration companies and workers; those who investigate or assess abnormal water intrusion, prepare restoration specifications, procedures and protocols, and manage restoration projects, (e.g., indoor environmental professionals (IEPs), and other specialized experts); and other potential materially interested parties (e.g., consumers and occupants, property owners and managers, insurance company representatives,

government and regulatory bodies); property owners and managers, occupants and tenants, professional remediators, those who investigate mold complaints, property restorers, indoor environmental professionals, environmental consultants, industrial hygienists, building engineers, insurance companies, and regulatory bodies.


Why Participate?

ANSI/IICRC Standards are voluntary consensus based standards that are accepted as the standard of care in the industry. Those who participate have a vote on the Standard and can influence what is included and what is not. Participation gives you a voice in the development of the Standard.

Those interested in submitting an application to serve on the S530 consensus body should fill out and submit the application below:


1. Download the Application

2. Fill out the Application COMPLETELY

3. Email Application to Standards@iicrcnet.org



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    Will instructors travel?

    The IICRC does not provide recommendations for any approved instructor, rather, any individual seeking to attend a class is required to contact an approved instructor from the directory provided for any inquires related to their services.



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