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What is a Certified Technician?

Are you thinking about becoming an IICRC Certified Technician? Or you just want to know what an IICRC Certified Technician is?

Just as any professional performs at a higher level of competency in their fields, IICRC Certified Technicians set themselves apart through training, experience, and comprehensive examination. The examinations consist of the successful completion of one or more of the 28 certifications courses available. These exams are based off of the IICRC Standards. 

When you hear the term "Industry Standard" it means a standard of function or operation that is carried out in that respective industry. The IICRC Standards are upheld to the highest globally recognized standard in which all IICRC technician and firms govern themselves by the particular quality and assurance they provide to the consumer.


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    Certification classes are classes taught by an approved Instructor or School. Each class taught varies from one day to five days, depending on course content and requirements. Online learning is also available in select categories for those who cannot attend a class.



    As a certifying and standards-setting body, the IICRC owns no schools and has no instructors on staff. Rather, to fulfill its education commitment, the IICRC approves schools and instructors that apply to and meet the criteria set forth by the board of directors. 



    Will instructors travel?

    The IICRC does not provide recommendations for any approved instructor, rather, any individual seeking to attend a class is required to contact an approved instructor from the directory provided for any inquires related to their services.



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