Distance and Online Learning

Understanding that it can often be difficult to attend classes in person, the IICRC has approved programs to teach continuing education courses online, on video or home study formats. It is important to note that distance and online learning courses have only been approved for continuing education credits; these online, on video or home study courses are not approved for the initial IICRC certification training requirement. Each distance learning course varies in time as all are interactive; the length of the course often depends on how quickly the registrant works through it. Upon completion of the distance or online learning course and exam, registrants should submit their application for renewal to the IICRC along with a copy of the certificate/proof obtained for passing the course. Please use the list below to find all IICRC distance learning courses. The list is organized by school/sponsor.

Distance Learning Courses


School/Sponsor Course Credit
#1 Floorschool Online
School of Surface Technology
Carpet Construction 1
Cleaning Science 1
Sanding & Finishing 2
Spotting 1
Wood Characteristics 2
Wood for Drying Professionals 1
1st Responder System
Basic Carpet Cleaning Skills by Tom Hill 2
Hard Surface Flooring Care by Dane Gregory 2
Stone, Masonry and Ceramic Tile Cleaning by Dane Gregory 2
Action Consulting & Environmental Services
WoolSafe North America
Biohazard Emergency Services 0.5
Water Damage Assessment 0.5
Crime and Trauma Scene Bio-Recovery Clean Up 2
Meth Lab Decontamination 2
The Art of Hoarder Property Cleanup 1.5
Clean Care Seminars
Clean Care Seminars
Microbial Contamination Remediation Program 2
Natural Fiber Cleaning 2
Principles and Carpet Cleaning Methods (PCCM) 2
The Art of Drying: Practical Psychrometry 2
Fireline Training Centers
Fireline Training Centers
Strategic Contents Restoration Workshop 12
Flooring Technology Institute’s Online Video Training Program
Flooring Technology Institute
Barrier Free Floor Covering As It Applies to Everyday Life 0.5
How to Make Carpet Consumers Your Friends, Not Your Foes 0.5
The How-To’s of Floor Covering Specification 0.5
The How-To’s of Upholstery Specification 0.5
The Layman’s Guide to Moisture and Concrete 0.5
Moisture and Floor Covering Problems, Causes and Solutions 0.5
Mold: Why Now? 0.5
IAQA University
IAQA University
IAQ Overview (9 Class Package) 1
The Fundamentals Of IAQ Contaminants (8 Class Package) 1
HVAC (8 Class Package) 1
Building Science (4 Class Package) 0.5
Assessments (6 Class Package) 0.5
Sampling IAQ Contaminants (9 Class Package) 1
Mold Remediation (6 Class Package) 0.5
IAQ Prep Courses
IAQ Prep Courses
Fire and Smoke Damage 12
ILS Corp
ILS Corp
RIA New Employee Restoration Training 0.5
RIA Water Loss Course 0.5
Indoor Sciences
Indoor Sciences
Indoor Environmentalist 2
IOT Interactive Occupational Training
IOT Interactive Occupational Training
Mold Technician 1.5
Mold Professional 1.5
Mold Awareness Training 0.5
Jon-Don The Partners For Success Video Library 1
Meth Lab Cleanup LCC
Meth Lab Cleanup
Methamphetamine Production Contamination / Screening & Reporting 0.5
Mold Inspection Consulting & Remediation Organization
Mold Inspection Consulting & Remediation Organization
Certified Mold Inspector 2
Professional Home Inspection Institute
Professional Home Inspection Institute
Mold Remediation Course 2
Residential Mold Inspection Course 2
Commercial Mold Inspection Course 2
Infrared Moisture Survey Course 2
Thermal Inspection and Insulation Remediation Course 2
Reets Drying Academy
Reets Drying Academy
Water Damage Restorer 2
Water Damage Restorer – Extraction 0.5
Water Damage Restorer – Psychrometry 0.5
Water Damage Restorer – Air Mover 0.5
Water Damage Restorer – Evaporation Potential 0.5
Water Damage Restorer – Dehumidification 0.5
Restoration Consultants
Restoration Consultants
Basic Thermography Training 0.5
Restoration Training Online
Restoration Training
Business Management and the Owner’s Role 0.5
Cleaning Division 0.5
Customer Service 0.5
Estimating and Sales 0.5
Human Resources 0.5
Large Job and Catastrophe Management 0.5
Marketing 0.5
Mold Remediation 0.5
Production Management 0.5
Sales 0.5
Thermography 0.5
Vortex Drying 0.5
Thomason Moving Training
Thomason Moving Training
Basic Moving, Basic Packing, Van Loading, Vaulting 1
Basic Mover, Basic Packer, Loading/Tier Building/Storage/Inventory 1
Management Development Program 2
Sales Force Development 2
Xactimate Getting Started Series 1
WoolSafe North America
WoolSafe North America
Fabric Care Specialist 2
Carpet Complaint Investigation for Inspectors 2

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