Call A Water And Fire Damage Restoration Firm First

By the time a homeowner has to contact a water and fire damage restoration firm, the situation is probably out of hand. Both disasters are expensive to repair if ignored, and they can both cause health issues for the home’s occupants, even if the problem appears to be small and harmless. Excess moisture can foment mold and microbial growth, while a fire can leave behind ash and smoke, both of which can create odors and irritation. But while a disaster may feel overwhelming at first, a certified firm can get the home back to normal fairly quickly.

Water and fire damage restoration firms can fix a problem of nearly any scale, as long as the building is still structurally sound. When cleaning up standing water and excess moisture, the technicians will remove all compromised materials, like carpet and drywall, and dry everything that can be saved. This is done with commercial grade air movers and dehumidifiers. Microbial colonies are destroyed as well, using a number of special cleansing agents.

Cleaning up soot and smoke is the goal once the flames die down, and technicians know how to do so thoroughly. All surfaces affected by ash are cleaned with detergents formulated to neutralize the substance, and the entire home is checked for ash infiltration if necessary. Smoke is tougher to remove as it can pass through walls and tight spaces, but with a unique piece of equipment known as a thermal fogger, all smoke particles can be neutralized, along with their noxious odors.

With a certified firm on your side, no flood, burst pipe, leak or flame will keep you out of your home for very long.