Locating A Water Damage Restoration Technician Course

A water damage restoration technician course is ideal for professionals in the textile maintenance industry who take their work seriously. This class is organized by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification. Companies in this field have to deal with several hazards and use advanced techniques to do their jobs effectively. This type of class is aimed at teaching the most up to date methods and best practices in this industry.

Locating a water damage restoration technician course through the IICRC is simple. The agency doesn’t employ its own instructors, but it does sponsor numerous teachers around the country. These instructors have proven their knowledge to the IICRC. A professional looking for this training won’t have to go far to find a class.

The class typically spans three days and teaches the student how to identify materials exposed to flooding or sewer backflows. The instructor will show the best techniques for drying affected materials and bringing them back to good condition. The student will also learn how to spot and neutralize mold growth. Professionals in the industry are responsible for eliminating major health hazards in the form of molds and bacteria. If they are not up to date on their knowledge, they may unwittingly expose their workers or clients to deadly mold. Because of this, a homeowner should only hire a firm that is certified in the area.

At the end of the instruction phase, the technician has to pass a written examination to prove their knowledge. Once this is done, the technician can take the steps to become a registrant with the IICRC. This gives the company access to the Cleantrust mark, which assures the customer that they are dealing with an expert in the field.