Handling Water Damage With Carpet

When water damage affects the carpet in a home, it should be an immediate cause for concern. Young children and pets spend most of their time close to the floor, and fibrous, organic materials can harbor all kinds of nasty pathogens. Dealing with excess water requires speed, because it only takes a short time before bacteria, viruses and mold will start growing inside the carpeting.

No matter what caused the problem, the best professional to hire will always be one certified through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). IICRC registrants use the most modern equipment and methods to remove all the water damage and restore the carpet that has been affected.

IICRC professionals can help with problems caused by plumbing leaks, spills, burst pipes, foundation leaks, faulty appliance valves, floods or sewage backflows. Some of these, notably floods and sewage backflows, involve highly contaminated fluid that should not be handled by untrained professionals. Doing so can result in severe illness or even life-threatening conditions.

Restoration professionals will be able to identify which parts of the floor will need disposal. They can also sanitize the area to prevent pathogen contamination and dry it out entirely, making it safe to enjoy the room once again.