Find Certified And Trusted Upholstery Cleaning Companies

When seeking out upholstery cleaning companies, it is important to perform the proper research to ensure a quality experience, along with quality work. One should read personal reviews of the company, look at pictures of their work (if available), seek out any specialties they possess, and determine the company’s overall capabilities. Certifications represent a standard that a business has achieved in their industry and are vital to success. They prove that consumers can trust the business due to the work that goes into getting and also keeping them. A homeowner can save time by seeing if a company or technician holds a certification.

When looking for upholstery cleaning companies, one should look for the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certification. The IICRC is an organization that specializes in a diverse range of cleaning methods and certifications. They Institute is world renowned and serves over 20 different countries, making them the closest thing to a universal standard. Even after achieving a certification, IICRC registrants must attend additional courses annually to maintain their status with the organization, or be omitted. In turn, this makes these trained individuals highly equipped and guaranteed to know the latest and greatest methods of sanitation, including those associated with upholstery cleaning.

Companies that have been certified through the IICRC will be able to determine different fabrics and fibers from one another, what sanitizing method is best for those fibers, the chemistry behind the method, as well as spotting potential issues beforehand. And this is just one area of their expertise. All in all, IICRC certifications are what homeowners are looking for when choosing a service.