Upholstery Cleaning

Most don’t realize that upholstery cleaning is a process that requires real skill, but it does. Many unqualified businesses like to operate in this knowledge vacuum and get away with using amateurs and poor quality equipment. A smart consumer makes sure that any company he or she hires has the proper certification to get the job done right. A lackluster effort can do more harm than good, and a homeowner may need to spend extra to fix the screw-ups an inept operation may cause.

The best way to see if a group of professionals is on the level is to see if they are members of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC. Getting certified by the IICRC is not just a matter of paying some dues and slapping some words on the side of a truck. An upholstery cleaning business that’s certified is following the standards set by the institute, and because the IICRC is considered the industry standard, this is a big deal.

Furthermore, an operation that wants to improve its standing even more can send its workers to courses run by the institute. These courses are intensive, and require their students to attend for several days in a row. A business that is a member for a year and has taken three courses, one of which is an upholstery sanitation class, is considered a journeyman by the IICRC. After two more years and two more classes, the company can attain master status. A homeowner can check the institute’s website for any certified members near them. Hiring a group of professionals off this list is a wise idea, as they will have both the depth and breadth of knowledge to accomplish a wide range of duties.