Is Carpet Steam Cleaning Services What You Need?

When treating carpet, steam cleaning services are still considered by many home and business owners to be the go-to method of treatment. While there is technically a difference between this form of treatment and hot water extraction, many professionals refer to them interchangeably. In either case, a jet of extremely hot water is directed into the fibers that have been pretreated. It is an effective form of treatment that is particularly adept at removing suspended soils that have remained matted in the fibers for some time.

Most textile manufacturers recommend homeowners use hot water extraction when treating their carpet. Steam cleaning services can often provide such treatment, destroying microbes and various soils in the process.

However, before a homeowner selects a crew to treat their home, they should verify that the firm they are hiring is certified through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The IICRC has trained thousands of professionals over the years, and IICRC registrants are taught the latest technology and methods so that they can provide optimal assistance to a home or business owner. IICRC registrants also have a wealth of knowledge regarding various fabrics, and this can be used to the professional’s advantage when putting together a treatment plan. After all, a knowledgeable technician is an effective technician.