Understanding The Fire Restoration Process

It is imperative that IICRC-approved fire restoration should be implemented as soon as possible after a house fire is out. The longer the delay in contacting a restoration company, the more opportunity there is for damage from water and smoke to intensify. A homeowner’s insurance company should be able to refer an approved and experienced restoration firm. It is surprising just how well restoration works in light of how destructive a fire can be. Depending on the damage, a home can often be restored to its before-fire state. A restoration team has a difficult task to perform, and a great deal of responsibility, but IICRC-approved technicians are well-equipped to return a home to its original condition.

The fire restoration process involves the repair of any structures damaged by smoke, fire, or water. Carpets undergo a chemical process to remove smoke odor. Sub-floor materials undergo inspection for damage and may need to be replaced. Upholstery and curtains are subject to a similar process. Furnishings are taken to a separate location and restored to pre-fire condition. The home is aired out for as long as needed to diminish the effects of odor and mildew, and deodorization efforts continue throughout the process. Through the cooperation of the insurance company, the restoration team, and the homeowner, a home can be restored and made safe to live in once again.

Fire Damage Repair Should Be Done With Professionals

With responsive and precise fire damage repair, even the worst disasters can be put in the past. Roaring flames have been one of man’s greatest enemies since the dawn of history, and though it’s easier to handle these days, it can still cause havoc if it gets out of control. Not only can the flames cause enormous damage, the ash, soot and smoke residue that remains will make the home almost noxious to live in. Both can create irritating odors, discolor walls or ceilings and cause breathing issues if there is a high concentration of ash left over.

Professional fire damage repair will remove the ash and smoke residue left behind. This has to be done quickly because ash is acidic and will cause materials to deteriorate if allowed to sit for long. Restoration professionals work hard to provide a thorough cleanup.  This will include treatment of every surface that is affected by ash and soot. This includes cleaning down walls, ceilings, furniture and countertops. Ash and smoke will almost always be present in the vents and ducts as well, as they are quickly taken up by the HVAC system. Professionals will access the home’s ducts to clean them out as well, preventing either from entering the home once again.

Upon eliminating all of the ash, soot and smoke, the home will quickly be free of any lingering odor.

How Should Fire Damage Cleanup Be Handled

If a house sustains fire damage, proper cleanup is crucial as the ash, soot and water will wreak havoc on what remains.  It’s bad enough there was a fire, but the water and chemicals used to extinguish it can cause secondary damage.  The remnants will continue to do damage long after the flames are extinguished.

The average person will attempt conventional cleaning methods like renting a steam cleaner and using common cleaning agents available at the store.  Unfortunately, this will barely make an impact on the problem and could cause bigger issues.  Chemical agents could react with the residue and cause permanent damage, and in some cases, they may cause toxic fumes.  Fire damage cleanup is one of the most difficult jobs out there, and it should be left to a professional for the best results.

When selecting a firm that does the restoration, consider what type of training they have. Do they have health and safety certifications? Are they experienced in a wide range of repair? Do they have proof of proper insurance and licenses?  The company that has the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) fire and smoke restoration Certified Firm meets all of these expectations and conditions. An IICRC-certified firm understands the need for a quick response.  Immediate action is necessary because the longer the delay, the harder and more costly the job will be as reactions within the damaged material can continue to occur. The fire may be gone, but the ash, soot and smoke odors that remain can continue to do harm.  Certified firms will use their knowledge of fire restoration to accurately test the damage and apply the proper repair techniques to bring the items back to pre-loss condition when possible.

Also, when hiring an IICRC certified firm you can be sure that they are up to date with the latest technologies and techniques. In order for these firms to keep their certification, they are required to take continuing education programs.  So when confronted with fire damage cleanup, choose an IICRC-certified professional.

Getting Certified In Smoke Restoration Can Improve A Career

Certification in smoke restoration can be extremely helpful for a professional looking to improve their career outlook. The knowledge and techniques gained through continuing education can help specialists work more efficiently and more effectively. The best organization to choose for certification is the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC. This agency is the most respected oversight group in the world and is made up of more than 50,000 registrants.

The IICRC, in addition to setting best industry practices and linking customers to professionals, also provides excellent certification courses through its network of approved schools. One of them is a fire and smoke damage restoration class that teaches a professional how to manage a job site. This two-day, 14-hour course also shows the student how to approach the technical side of fire damage neutralization and how to price their services appropriately. IICRC-approved schools teach the curriculum using highly experienced registrants located all over the North America. This ensures a student can find an available class near their home.

A specialist can greatly improve their knowledge-base and standing in the field by studying an advanced certification track. The IICRC offers three tracks, including advanced designations for smoke and fire damage repair. To attain eligibility, the registrant first has to garner a year of experience in the industry after their original certification date. They must also attend three certification courses and pass the exams, including the fire damage repair, odor control technician and upholstery and fabric cleaning. This earns the professional journeyman status.

With three years of experience and credits in a carpet cleaning class and health and safety course, the specialist can attain master status in this certification track. Registrants who reach this advanced designation are respected members of their industry and highly valued by employers and consumers alike.

Companies Can Learn Additional Carpet Cleaning Techniques

The best way for a textile maintenance company to maintain consumer trust and offer the best possible service is to learn advanced carpet cleaning techniques through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC. This is a simple step that only requires professionals to attend a few days of classes at an IICRC-sponsored school. Doing so will earn the coveted CleanTrust symbol, which many customers consider to be a must.

The IICRC is responsible for industry oversight.  It is an established agency that regularly puts together “best practices” for professionals in the field. Adhering to these standards is the only way for a technician to become a registrant of the IICRC and to learn additional carpet cleaning methods through the institute.

All a company has to do to seek out a sponsored instructor is to visit the IICRC’s website and search the database. It is extremely important that a sponsored school be used, because this is the only way to ensure that the IICRC’s practices are being used. It is also impossible for a registrant to earn certification in one of three tracks without attending an approved school. The IICRC does not have instructors of its own, and thus relies on professionals in the industry to teach best methods to others. Instructors are spread out all over the nation, so a professional shouldn’t have any trouble finding coursework that is nearby.

The three tracks a professional can get certified in are textile maintenance, fire and smoke restoration, and water damage restoration. After a year of experience in the industry, a company can take a specialization track and apply for journeyman status. After three years of experience, they can apply for master status.

What To Expect In Fire And Water Damage Restoration Training

Successful completion of fire and water damage restoration training will result in professional certification as well as a thorough knowledge of addressing property destruction following a catastrophe. While everything from human accidents and pipe failure to earthquakes and hurricanes can cause a range of harm to a home or office, there are companies available to eradicate the problem. With the necessary coursework and experience, industry technicians can address the presence of moisture and smoke, lingering odors, mold, and the need for complete renovation of a space.

The Institute for Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification, or IICRC, is responsible for setting the benchmarks for those seeking certification. They do not offer education themselves, yet monitor the programs offered by approved educational institutions. Their ethical standards ensure consistency and excellence among both aspiring technicians and the instructors educating them.

The certification programs available range in status level as well as specialty. Those undergoing fire and water damage restoration training may opt to become an Applied Structural Drying Technician or Carpet Repair Technician, just to name a few. The classes cover a variety of topics including inspection, clean-up, and repair work. The number of courses and length of time involved varies depending on the specialty and level desired. A combination of certificates and hands-on experience may be necessary for higher levels of certification. Upon completing the series of classes a comprehensive exam is required to finalize the program. Continuing education credits are essential to maintaining certification through the IICRC.

The acquisition of a certificate will not only provide the individual and the company they work for with a leg up on their competition, it will give their customers reassurance that their property will be correctly returned to its original state.

Why Professionals Should Clean Smoke Damage From A Fire

A fire can cause extreme and permanent destruction, and can still cause problems once it is put out, so trained, certified professionals should be hired to clean smoke damage and deal with the ash residue that is left behind by the inferno. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) provides oversight for the industry, and certifies technicians who have had the proper training in this area. The standards set by the IICRC will allow the technician to learn the proper techniques of this detailed task so they can do the job effectively. Because fire restoration is an involved process, only trained certified professionals should be hired for the job.

Ash residue gathers as soon as the fire starts, and within hours, it will discolor plastic, appliances, fiberglass, and even tarnish metals. Within days, it will permanently yellow walls, and permanently discolor clothing and upholstery. It will also begin corroding metal and will cause enough damage to wood and vinyl to require replacement or refinishing. If several weeks pass before professionals are allowed to clean the smoke damage, metals may corrode to uselessness, carpet will discolor permanently and glass may be too etched to be salvaged.

Once the experts are on the scene, they can halt the progression of destruction in the home. They will identify what needs to be disposed of and what can be restored, and will begin working to remove all ash from the home and clean any smoke damage. This is an involved process, and will require several people to accomplish promptly. Once this is done, the professionals will locate any source of odor, and treat it with detergents designed to counteract the smell. They will then seal off the material to keep it from emitting any further odors in the future. This is an intricate process and should only be done by a professional with plenty of experience.

Searching For A Fire And Flood Restoration Service

Fire and flood restoration is an arduous process that is best done with the help of professionals, as it is often difficult to understand the aftermath these elements cause. Sadly, the cruelest cut stemming from these disasters usually happens once the shock of the tragedy has subsided, and can claim many other belongings if the lingering effects are not dealt with promptly.

Once the flame has been extinguished, the ash left behind begins to deteriorate things further.  Within hours the acidic nature of ash will discolor plastics and metals, and once several days and weeks have gone by, metals and glass will be corroded or etched beyond repair. This means that appliances, windows and piping will all need to be ripped out and replaced, multiplying the financial costs of the disaster. Wood furniture is also affected at this point, so it is conceivable that nearly everything will need to be replaced if action isn’t taken rather quickly.

It’s hard to imagine, but water damage can be even worse. If fire and flood restoration is not done in a hurry, soaked materials will need to be discarded. Carpeting and the padding under it, insulation, clothing, bedding and important papers will all need to be thrown away if they come in contact with contaminated water. Most people are familiar with the molds that rising waters bring, but fungi, bacteria and parasites are other major hazards that have to be contended with, and once they are allowed to hang around and multiply, they can be nearly impossible to destroy. Because of this, it is best to enlist only the best and most thorough professionals to handle the clean-up and return the property and personal belongings to their former glory.

Have A Professional Handle The Process Of Fire Restoration

Homeowners and businesses that have been devastated by smoke and fire damage need the immediate service of a fire restoration company.  In order to make sure the job is done correctly, customers should hire the right organization for the job.  This process is made easier by looking for providers that have a seal from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

When a client hires a company that is certified by this Institute, peace of mind comes along with it.  The seal that the Institute gives shows that the provider is reliable and quite knowledgeable on the correct steps for doing the job right the first time.

Following all steps is a vital part of the process.  After the initial damage, the client or the hired company should immediately clean all damaged areas.  A mask should be used and all areas should be ventilated. Cleaning should be done in the order of top to bottom, and items that can be laundered should be washed immediately.  Vacuum floors on the inside and pressure wash on the outside if that is an option.

A hired professional that comes in to do the job will remove any residue and smoky items right away.   Items will be cleaned that can be salvaged and deodorizers will be used to get rid of the smoky smell.  Any object that can be saved will be sealed properly.

Contacting a certified professional in a timely manner greatly reduces the cost and stress down the road.   Valuable objects may be saved and peace of mind will be given in a time of devastation for the home or business owner.   The process of fire restoration can be made much simpler by making sure to contact providers that have a certified seal from the Institute.