Suede Cleaning Is Handled Different Then Other Upholsteries

It takes a gentle hand to produce effective suede cleaning, as this material is not like other forms of upholstery. This material does not resist abrasion well, but it can’t just be wiped down like leather and some synthetic materials. The most effective method is somewhere between the two, using gentle abrasive motion to remove soiled parts of the nap, while helping reset the remaining nap so that the furniture looks and feels new.

Suede cleaning is occasionally necessary because this material is porous. It absorbs body oils, along with liquid stains, food particles, dust, dander, and just about anything else. These soils will cause the material to discolor and deteriorate over time, so they must be removed as soon as possible.

Professionals will typically use a combination of lightly abrasive tools to rub out stains and soiled nap. For stains that have adhered beyond the nap, a small special tool used in a precise picking motion can do the trick. Again, this is something that takes experience, otherwise the material may be punched through or permanently scored.

Gentle abrasion has a tendency to lighten up the material, so once everything is buffed off, a technician will judiciously apply a bit of water to the nap, using a damp cloth. This will draw out the dyes in the upholstery and reestablish its color. Most firms will also apply some kind of protective barrier to the material as well to keep it safe from future soiling. This will ensure the furniture remains a beloved focal point in the home.