For Sofa Cleaning Call Certified Professionals

Sofa cleaning by a certified professional is the most effective way to keep furniture looking and feeling good, as it can greatly extend the life of many types of fabric. Most homeowners realize that their carpeting picks up an incredible amount of soil, but they may not realize that upholstery has the same problem. Dander, sweat, food stains, dirt and chemical residues can all adhere to upholstery, and if they are not removed regularly, they can cause damage to the furniture’s fabrics.

Professional sofa cleaning usually consists of hot water extraction or encapsulation, and both have their positive attributes. Hot water extraction uses a powerful equipment to deliver detergent to the fabric, agitate and suspend soils, inject a modest amount of water into the fabric, and vacuum the soil and water up. Hot water extraction is still a highly effective method that works with a large variety of fabrics, and many upholstery manufacturers recommend it to preserve their products. Encapsulation requires  little water, instead using crystallizing compounds to trap and lift soils. It’s a fast process that is also effective at eliminating soil, and because it requires so little moisture, the furniture can be used right away.

Whichever method you choose, make sure that it’s a certified technician handling the process. Thorough education in the area ensures that the professional will treat the fabric as efficiently and safely as possible.