Finding Companies Who Offer Rug Repairs

When considering a company to do rug repairs, some research should first be done. The company should have years of experience when it comes to cleaning and maintenance of these flooring pieces. They should be well educated on the different types of pieces, whether it is an Oriental, an antique piece, Persian, Native American or a custom rug. There also needs to be an understanding of the materials that are used, and how the materials are woven together. Expertise in the different cleaning and repair methods is important because not all pieces are made the same. The age of the piece must also be taken into account.

Common rug repairs consist of serging, binding, patching and re-weaving. The location of the damage will often determine which method will be used. Re-weaving consists of removing the entire part that needs mending and replacing the back, then using new material to reweave the piece back together. Patching is typically done if there is a small hole or tear. This is done by using a material remnant, and either sewing it or gluing it in the missing spot. A piece of yarn material that is placed around the edge and sewn or threaded to create a hand woven boarder is called serging. Binding restoration is when a slender piece of material is sewn around the edge to prevent fraying.

There are some things that can be done to help prolong the life of the flooring piece. That would be proper cleaning, and quickly tending to stains or spills with the appropriate treatment. However, when a fray, tear, or constant wearing needs to be attended to, a professional should be called for the best results.