Choose A Trained Professional For Rug Repair

Rugs and carpets receive a lot of abuse in any home, and because of this, many choose professionals when it comes to rug repair. When looking for a trusted and thorough technician to perform the repair, one would want to go with a professional that has certification through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC.

Carpeting can sustain burns, missing tufts, unraveled seams, buckles, discolorations and tears installation. With this wide variety of issues, it may be difficult for one to know the difference between what is manageable and what is beyond repair, causing individuals to be tempted by home “Do it yourself” kits or inexperienced companies. However, IICRC-certified companies and professionals can be trusted due to their extensive education. A consultation with one of these professionals can help discern what is restorable and what is not. Since IICRC certified experts are tested and equipped with the most up to date techniques, they can quickly determine the best course of action and begin improving the look and function of one’s carpet or rug.

These professionals can accomplish their goal of rug repair in a number of ways depending on the problem at hand and the severity. For example, if the carpet has bulging or ripples, a technique called stretching may be the solution. This is where just the right amount of tension is placed on the piece in order to tighten the surface. If a burn or particularly tough stain is the issue, they may recommend installing a bonded insert that matches the original piece.

When a rug is in need of repair, an IICRC-approved technician can determine if the carpet is salvageable or not, and if so, how to effectively restore it. When one hires someone trained by IICRC, they are receiving a highly trained professional that will have the right equipment and knowledge to perform the task at hand.