Reasons To Find A Rug Repair Company

After years of punishing wear, professionals who specialize in rug repair may need to fix a homeowner’s precious flooring. When looking for a professional, homeowners have a choice between restoring the piece completely, or simply having it patched. Usually, patching up the piece is the least expensive option, because it creates a near identical look without the need for  reweaving. During a restoration, a skilled weaver will reweave the fabric. While this makes the piece like new, it is more expensive and takes longer to complete.

Experts that provide rug repair are normally associated with specialist businesses. Most rug repair professionals can fix tears, holes or remove pests from the rug. If it’s caught early, mold colonies can be killed before they do any damage. With enough time, though, mold will cause the fabric to discolor, which is normally permanent damage. Pests, like moths or mites, and sediment can be removed with a proper solutions and procedures. Unlike cotton, wool fibers can withstand most cleaning chemicals without fading.

If a hole or tear is present, the expert will begin the repair by taking note of the pattern near the damage. The professional will then remove a patch from another piece of flooring that closely resembles the pattern. The expert will attach a base to the patch and glue it to the worn area. Once it is dry, the professional will blend the patch in by using special fabric markers to match surrounding fibers.

After it is patched and blended it will be nearly impossible to see the difference unless someone is looking for it. This will also prevent wear from causing additional damage to the area.