Rug Cleaning Services Are Worth Hiring When Needed

Who needs professional rug cleaning services when there is an abundance of DIY tips out there? The result will just not be the same! No matter how large the piece is, or how much it cost, having a certified technician clean, repair, and restore it will preserve its condition and prolong its life.

Area rugs can collect dirt, odors, allergens, and discolorations from the ongoing foot traffic it endures day in and day out. While frequent vacuuming and spot treatment is helpful, it is imperative to have a skilled technician do comprehensive maintenance every now and then. The more foot-traffic it is exposed to, the more often it will need a good cleaning.

When an IICRC-certified technician is hired for rug cleaning services they will begin by analyzing the material and determining what repairs and/or cleaning needs to occur. Once transported off-site they will start with a thorough vacuuming, spot removal and other repairs, followed by a good rinse. A pre-tested product is applied and worked in utilizing a gentle agitating brush before being rinsed and dried. The majority of the water held within the fibers is drawn out using a centrifuge or other means and is then hung for final drying to avoid any problems associated with improper drying. Appearance touch-ups such as a final pile brushing and combing the fringe are done prior to its return to the home.

This process is much more involved than any simple do-it-yourself attempt; therefore leaving it to the pros is an ideal option. The IICRC’s website and online referrals are ideal approaches to locating a reputable certified firm. Homeowners can rest assure that those currently certified by the IICRC are aware of the latest techniques and equipment, have the proper skills, and abide by the organization’s strict standards. Instead of an eye sore on the floor, the piece can now be a focal point of the room once again.