Finding Restoration Companies For Carpet Repair

Restoration companies are hired when a homeowner needs help putting their home back together following a disaster. This may be due to severe weather, plumbing issues or a major fire. Technicians helping these people need to repair fire and water damage, remove odors and eliminate any health hazards like microbes or fungi. Because this is so important, consumers are extremely discerning with the workers they hire. It is, therefore, in the professionals’ best interest to pursue certification through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

The IICRC is the most respected oversight agency in the industry and is responsible for setting best practices within the field. Restoration companies that become registrants of the IICRC can expect several benefits, including a boost in consumer confidence. The organization offers three certification tracks, with two advanced designations in each. These certifications include textile cleaner, fire and smoke specialist and water damage specialist. Attaining journeyman or master status in these certification tracks requires years of experience and education credits through the IICRC or one of their approved schools. After taking a class and passing an exam, a professional is considered certified in that area. They will need to pass several courses to reach journeyman or master status in a particular area. Each class typically only lasts for a few days, but is packed with information regarding theory and application.

Homeowners look for technicians who have proven themselves to the IICRC. Because this organization is the most known and most respected oversight agency, consumers turn to them first to find qualified businesses in the area. Established registrants with the IICRC are branded with the CleanTrust mark, which instills confidence in consumers. Certified technicians can be located through the IICRC’s online database.