A Restoration Brochure Can Be A Valuable Tool

A restoration brochure can be a powerful tool when used to communicate with prospective clients. Professionals in fire and water damage repair constantly have to handle customers that are skeptical of their services. Most of the dangers following a fire or flood are unseen and poorly understood by most homeowners. This means a business is at a disadvantage when convincing a potential client of its expertise. With documentation from a respected organization, though, this can be much easier.

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC, is the most respected industry agency in the nation. There are more than 50,000 companies in this organization, spread out around the world. When consumers need a fire and water damage repair specialist, the IICRC is the agency they are most likely to approach first. Any professional that uses an IICRC restoration brochure to forge a connection will be more likely to gain new clients.

These pamphlets alert home and business owners to the importance of fire and water damage repair. It also directs clients to the IICRC’s website. Here, they can look for businesses through the organization’s database. Just getting the customer familiar with the IICRC is important, because they will be more likely to hire an IICRC-approved business once they learn about the industry.

There are several ways to present these pamphlets to prospective clients. They can be placed on display at the company’s offices, handed to current customers while performing other services or spread out among professional partnerships. Electricians, plumbers and contractors often handle clients that require fire or water damage repair. Forging relationships with these experts and having them hand out pamphlets can quickly bring in more business.