The Purpose Of A Professional Mold Remediation Reference Guide

The Professional Mold Remediation Reference Guide, also known as the IICRC S520-2008 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation, is a comprehensive manual that accompanies technicians through the fungus removal process step by step. Currently subject to its 5-year review as imposed by the ANSI revision cycle, the booklet is currently available on the IICRC website in digital edition only, pending any possible additions or updates projected to be complete by late 2013. IICRC officials note that the 2008 edition of the manual remains technically accurate.

The booklet was initially developed by a team of veteran professionals comprised of health experts, scientists, contractors and specialists, training schools and related authorities associated with the industry. The manual is the culmination of their three-year endeavor to create a go-to resource technicians can use in the field to assist them in conducting fungal removal and dealing with accompanying complexities and challenges.

Removing fungus infestations from a home or office is much more complicated than spraying the offending areas with a bleach solution. For one, the problem areas can be cleverly hidden in hard to access areas such as inside walls, beneath floorboards, and in crawl spaces. Proper inspection of the premises and efficient removal strategies are essential for creating a healthier, cleaner environment for building occupants.

Aside from remediation principles and inspection guidelines, other subjects discussed in the manual include heating and cooling systems as well as content remediation, complications, insurance and administrative topics, structural considerations, tool and equipment necessities and safety precautions.

The Professional Mold Remediation Reference Guide assists technicians in providing an all-inclusive advisor on how, why, when and where to remove mold from buildings.