Why Professional Carpet Cleaners Should Get A Certification

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration and Certification, or IICRC, is an agency that all professional carpet cleaners should be familiar with. The IICRC offers many certification classes that can improve a specialist’s standing among employers and customers. Companies that hire IICRC certified technicians will be able to service customers more effectively and will earn a better reputation in the industry. In this competitive field, every advantage matters. This may explain why there are more than 50,000 registrants in the IICRC.

The organization offers certifications ranging from basic textile cleansing techniques to complex concepts involving damage restoration. Professional carpet cleaners can choose to earn certification in the courses most relevant to their work, or opt for an advanced designation through a certification track. There are three certification tracks available through the agency, including textile cleaning, water damage restoration and fire damage restoration. A specialist can reach journeyman or master status in each track by garnering experience in the industry and passing several courses. For textile cleaners, this includes upholstery and textile cleansing classes, in addition to an odor control, a color repair or a repair and reinstallation course.

IICRC certifications are excellent bullet points on a resumé and will make it easier to find employment in the field. Customers respond well to workers who have advanced training and are more likely to hire and trust companies that employ them. Registrants that receive training through the IICRC can also use the CleanTrust mark to show their expertise. This mark is well-known within the industry and will improve the technicians reputation and ability to draw in customers. Also, registrants are placed in the organization’s online database, which means customers will be more likely to find them when searching for a profesional.