Hiring A Persian Rug Cleaning Service

Unlike many of the household chores to tidy a home, a Persian rug cleaning is something that is best left to professionals. A professional has the skill and know how to maintain the beauty and vibrancy of hand-woven textiles. A professional will also have the necessary equipment and type of cleaning solutions that are suited to handling floor coverings of this type. Improper Persian rug cleaning techniques could result in ruining the textile. Experts are trained in how to treat the types and materials of these rugs in a way that ensures their durability. A thorough job means that no harmful solutions are left as a residue or spill in the home, and the air in a home with fresh carpets is cleaner too.

An analysis of the fibers and dyes before any washing takes place prevents shrinking and bleeding.  Other steps that occur before any work is done are having someone vacuum and inspect the floor covering.  This is done to identify any areas that will need special treatment and determine if the fabric is strong enough for hand or machine washing rather than a dry cleaning method. Whatever technique is best for preserving the color, shape and integrity of the floor covering is followed by a careful drying.  Leaving these textiles overly wet can result in the growth of mold and mildew, which not only causes them to slowly disintegrate but also comes with an unpleasant smell. The pile of the carpet is groomed in order to encourage it to lay in the same direction. The last step will be careful treatment of the fringe, which will be handled in a delicate manner.

Many of the places that specialize in washing these beautiful rugs are also capable of performing restorations.