Is Online Water Damage Restoration Training Available?

Is there an online water damage restoration training program available through the internet?

Safely cleaning up a home after a flood or sewage backup is an extremely complex job, so there is no way an internet program can properly train a technician. This training can only be delivered in-person, hands-on, and by an experienced professional. For technicians that want to get their feet wet in the industry, so to speak, it’s best to avoid any organization that only offers distance education.

Why is online water damage restoration training not possible?

When cleaning a property that has been damaged by floods, there are a number of dangers to be mindful of. This includes wildlife, like snakes or spiders, chemical runoff, microbial threats, mold, structural instability, and electrical hazards. Neutralizing these threats and  restoring the home to a pre-loss condition takes detailed hands-on experience that just can’t be gained online.

Even if a flooded home doesn’t contain any obvious threats, salvaging and drying material must be done correctly. A professional without the proper knowledge may dispose of furniture that could be saved, or fail to identify items that cannot be restored and therefore should be destroyed.  Improper restoration may cost the homeowner more than it should, or even leave behind secondary structural problems or hazardous mold growth.

Mold remediation is a critical part of a technician’s job and is perhaps the main reason professionals should receive detailed instruction before handling a work site. Mold growth is a major threat in any home that has harbored standing water, and it can cause severe health problems with prolonged exposure. Looking for mold and safely removing it should only be done by trained professionals. If not done correctly, a technician may leave mold behind, which will eventually spread and compromise other parts of the home.

What is the best alternative to online water damage restoration training?

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) offers all of its courses through approved instructors. These instructors can be found around the world and have put the IICRC’s standards into practice for many years. They are one of the institute’s most valuable resources and have helped thousands of technicians transition into the industry smoothly.

The IICRC’s coursework is focused on helping technicians handle a variety of work situations, in both residential and commercial settings. When paired with the IICRC’s applied structural drying course, a technician will be able to identify which materials should be removed, and which materials can be salvaged. With coursework in proper drying techniques, a professional will be able to accelerate and monitor the drying process, ensuring all excess moisture is removed from the home.

Home and business owners put a major emphasis on certification and expect the technicians they choose to have the expertise needed to do a thorough job. Hands-on coursework through the IICRC is the best way to gain this expertise.