Online Carpet Cleaning Certification Classes Options

Online carpet cleaning certification classes…Are they real? Are they legitimate? Did you know that if you get accredited in your field, you’re more likely to be hired than someone who is not? Not only does it give you a leg up over your competition, but it also shows your customers you are dedicated to keeping up with the latest techniques and technologies when it comes to textile cleaning and restoration. Keeping your customers happy keeps them coming back.

You may have heard of online carpet cleaning certification classes. But you aren’t sure if they are legit, if you’re eligible, or how you go about participating in one. Your best resource for everything to do with the carpet cleaning industry is to visit the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification’s (IICRC) website. They are an ANSI-accredited (American National Standards Institute)  body that  oversees organizations like the IICRC who set the standards for the industry. Here is a simple question: Have you received a basic accreditation from the IICRC? If you answered yes, then you can participate in online classes for continuing education credits. If you answered no, then you must find an IICRC-approved school to attend classes.

The IICRC-approved courses are an excellent foundation for learning textile recognition and analysis, choosing the right cleaning solutions based on the analysis, the correct techniques and procedures, and using your equipment properly. Once you’ve earned your basic certification, you can then find advanced practice tracks to further your studies. The IICRC has courses where you can attain Journeyman and Master technical designation. The IICRC encourages anyone in the industry to not only earn accreditation, but to actively participate in workshops, conventions, and other training to keep certifications current. This is where online carpet cleaning certification classes that are designed to allow you to earn continuing education credits come in handy. You’re not always able to take time out of your busy schedule, so going online can save you time. You can work at your own pace and on your schedule. Don’t let the initial certification scare you away from becoming accredited. Once you have that initial accreditation under your belt, you can start earning others quickly  by attending other classes. For more information about approved schools and courses, check out the IICRC’s website.