Certified Professionals Should Handle Leather Upholstery Repair

Leather upholstery repair can be a tricky process, and one that can result in more damage to the material if it is not executed properly. This is a process best left to the certified professionals, who have the skills and tools to do the job the right way. Fortunately, certified experts can do incredible work, even with badly damaged furniture, and restore it to an almost new state. For homeowners considering tossing out that beloved chair or sofa, it makes much more sense to restore it.

Body oils, stains, punctures, scratches and discoloring can all be fixed during leather upholstery repair. The process begins with a thorough cleaning to get rid of any loose soils, and if there is discoloration due to body oils present, a special absorbent compound will be applied to the oily areas. This normally includes headrests and armrests, and once the compound is applied, it will soak up the oils making them easier to remove.

Damages like punctures and scratches are repaired using a filler compound that acts a little like caulk. It fills in the separated areas and dries, creating a similar texture to leather. The professional will then dye the material using color-matched dyes, providing a seamless look between the repaired area and the rest of the furniture.

The process normally takes only a day or two, depending on how badly the furniture is damaged. And once completed, the results can be astounding. In nearly all cases, the furniture will be ready to handle daily wear and tear for many more years.