Leather Seat Repair Requires A Professionals Attention

The leather seat repair process can be complex if the furniture is in a dire state, but even furniture that has sustained widespread, catastrophic damage can often be restored with professional assistance. This material offers unique challenges. It doesn’t take on wear like other fabrics, as it will crack, split, and lose its feel as it ages and wears. And because it doesn’t age like other fabrics, it has to be treated differently. Using conventional methods of cleaning and restoration are likely to cause further damage, so it’s best to turn to a certified expert.

During the leather seat repair process, the first thing a certified professional will do is clean it thoroughly. The goal is to get rid of as much dry soil as possible to make restoration easier to manage. Body oils and grease are removed using absorbing compounds applied to the soiled area.

Once clean, the technician can begin restoration in earnest. Flaps and punctures are glued down with a compound designed to work with the material. To deal with scratches, cracks and splits in the material, a filler compound is spread across the damaged area and allowed to dry. Once it has, it is sanded down until it is smooth and flush with the rest of the material. At this point, the furniture can be dyed to create an even color and allowed to dry. It takes a couple days to get to this point, in most cases, but the result is a piece of furniture that appears new once again.