Leather Restoration Is Needed Over Time

By the time professional leather restoration is needed, the material has likely sustained more than just a nick or a scratch. While this material is beautiful and can instantly improve the sophistication of a space, it is also difficult to fix once it sustains damage. It can’t be easily patched up, and if it starts drying out, it will soon lose its charm. This material is unique in that it must be kept clean and conditioned to maintain its appearance, and only a handful of technicians in every city know how to do this properly.

Leather restoration is usually needed for furniture that has been neglected for some time, or when someone picks up an old sofa or chair from an antique shop. In the past, fabric patches had to be used to cover over punctures and cuts in the material. Now, certified technicians can sew in new strips of material while maintaining the original color. During the repair process, a technician will also clean the furniture thoroughly, using methods that are safe for the material. A vacuum is first used to remove all dry soil, as this will abrade the material if it is allowed to remain. A small amount of water and a gentle detergent are spread on the material and then a conditioner is rubbed in to ensure the material remains pliable into the future.

By the time a certified technician is done working with the furniture, it will look like new, feel like new, and provide the perfect centerpiece for any room.