For Leather Furniture Cleaning Contact A Professional

Leather furniture cleaning is somewhat similar to cleaning other fabric types, but this material needs some special consideration. For example, homeowners don’t normally need to worry about a fabric drying out due to a mistake made during treatment. That’s why the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) offers coursework dedicated to proper treatment of the material. However, even though thorough treatment requires a certified professional, there are some basic things a homeowner can do to reduce the wear on a sofa or chair.

The focus of leather furniture cleaning is to get rid of anything that could damage the material, as well as guarding it against future soiling. This first consists of dry vacuuming the material deeply. This material is unique in that it can be scratched even by small pieces of dirt, and those scratches are difficult to deal with. So a professional will get rid of all loose debris and soils up front. Once that is done, the technician will take a small amount of gentle detergent and water, and wipe down the entire piece. Rougher treatment methods will likely damage the material, so slow and steady is the way to go. After the material is clean, a professional may use a special conditioner to moisturize it and seal it in, preventing future soiling from damaging the surface of the piece.

The process has to be done just right, or the furniture can be ruined. That’s why it is best left in the hands of a certified technician, though a homeowner can extend the life of the material by keeping it free of debris and preventing spills.