10 Leather Cleaning Tips For Maintaining Furniture

Several leather cleaning tips should be observed when treating large pieces of furniture, like sofas or chairs. This material requires regular maintenance or it may dry, crack or discolor. It is highly sensitive to stains, particularly liquid stains, and usually comes with a finish that needs to be protected. To preserve the finish of the furniture, a homeowner should keep these leather cleaning tips in mind:

•    Liquid stains must be removed as soon as possible. This material is naturally porous, so it will quickly soak up any liquid. Once the stain has penetrated the surface, it will be extremely difficult to remove.
•    Cleaners that contain ammonia or alkaline are too harsh for this type of furniture. In general, it’s best to choose soaps that are gentle enough for human skin.
•    This furniture usually is tagged with information on how to treat the material. Observing this information will ensure the furniture is kept in ideal condition.
•    Oils and cleaners designed for hard leather may not be appropriate for the softer material normally found on furniture.
•    Before applying any soap or liquid cleaner to the material, brush off solid debris and dirt with a soft brush. This will prevent scratching.
•    Avoid using abrasive pads or anything that could scratch the material while wiping it down.
•    This type of furniture usually comes with a protective finish that must be replenished occasionally. There are multiple products that are designed for this purpose.
•    Don’t use any oils that have wax or silicone as they will adhere to the material, making it sticky.
•    Keep the furniture away from direct sunlight, air conditioning vents or any heating source. This will prevent it from drying out.
•    Don’t hesitate to contact a certified professional if the furniture is damaged or badly stained.