Learn Carpet Cleaning Business For Textile Treatment

Before a technician can succeed in the textile treatment industry, one will have to learn the carpet cleaning business inside and out. There are dozens of businesses in every city offering this service, so every advantage counts for professionals. One of the biggest boosts a technician can attain is certification through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Consumer studies are clear on the importance of certification. Homeowners consider it a major factor when looking for a service, so going without certification is a significant risk. Uncertified companies will face difficulties in customer acquisition and retention as they will have trouble competing with certified professionals.

How can a technician learn the carpet cleaning business?

Upon their founding in 1972, the IICRC developed the best practices in steam treatment, which was considered a technological marvel at the time. Since then, IICRC-approved schools have been training technicians in the newest treatment technology and methods.

The IICRC offers a number of classes, including one in textile treatment. This course spans two days and incorporates both hands-on and classroom experience. During the class, students will be tasked with a variety of soiling situations and will have to identify a variety of fibers and carpet and rug types. This base of knowledge will prepare the trainees for any work situation they are likely to encounter. The latest treatment methods and equipment are also introduced to the student so they will be able to provide modern treatment service immediately upon receiving certification. The core of the IICRC’s textile treatment class focuses on the five principles of treatment, including suspended soil removal, soil suspension, dry soil removal, drying and grooming. During every job, the technician will need to perform all five of these steps to provide a complete service to the homeowner. The IICRC teaches exactly this.

All of the IICRC’s class work is through approved schools found throughout the world. The IICRC knows that industry professionals often can’t travel far to learn the carpet cleaning business, so these schools offer a convenient alternative to traditional educational facilities. The IICRC only partners with schools that have demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the IICRC’s practices and standards, both of which are considered the best in the industry. These standards are passed on to students during instruction.

Certification is a primary step in a technician’s career. Once attained, textile treatment certification will open doors for the professional, making it easier for them to attract homeowners with their schooling and enable you to seek out advanced certifications within the IICRC. Professionals who become an IICRC  Certified Firm will also be in the institute’s locator database. Technicians can attain advanced certification in fire and smoke damaged remediation, water damage remediation, or textile treatment. Individuals who acquire master certification in any of these three tracks are among the most knowledgeable in their field.