How To Learn The Carpet Cleaning Business With IICRC

Any professional that wants to be successful in the textile treatment industry will need to learn the carpet cleaning business thoroughly. Textile treatment should only be performed by certified professionals as it is a complicated process. For this reason, many technicians turn to the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) as this agency offers the best training courses available. By the time the technician has achieved certification in textile treatment, they will be equipped for a variety of work conditions and able to provide service to home and business owners.

How can a professional learn the carpet cleaning business through the IICRC?

They offer a number of classes for technicians who want to be certified in a variety of disciplines. The institute’s classes cover everything from basic textile treatment to flooring repair, odor removal, color repair, fire and water damage restoration and mold remediation. The textile treatment course is taught over two days during 14 hours of instruction and is taught by certified schools. These industry experts are spread throughout the world so a technician won’t have to travel far to find a class.

During the program, students will learn the IICRC’s practices for textile treatment, including the five main principles of textile treatment. These are dry soil extraction, soil suspension, suspended soil extraction, drying and grooming. Students will handle a variety of soiling conditions and will work hands-on with a variety of treatment chemicals and equipment. Technicians will also learn how to identify the most common yarn and fiber types, in addition to a variety of textile manufacturing methods. This knowledge will help the professional determine the best way to treat the flooring.

How can IICRC certification help a technician?

Once a professional has completed the textile treatment course, they will be able to work in a variety of work settings. It’s important for a technician to learn the carpet cleaning business completely as this will help the professional attract additional clientele. Picking up steady business, and earning repeat business is critical to maintaining a profitable company. So, anything a technician can do to stand out can be a huge help.

Consumer reviews show that home and business owners place a high priority on professionals that have certification. These consumers expect a technician to be highly skilled and knowledgeable in their field, and IICRC certification is the fastest way to achieve this.

Also, once a professional is certified in textile treatment, they will eventually be able to secure advanced certification through the IICRC after some experience in the field. With a year of experience and some additional coursework, a professional can attain journeyman status. After three years and a couple of extra classes, a technician can become a master in their discipline. Once a technician reaches master status, they will be sought after by consumers and employers, greatly improving their chances of securing regular work in the field.

IICRC certification is a badge of honor and proof that a professional can provide all services a home or business owner would need. It is shorthand for expertise and should be something every technician in the industry considers attaining. Visit the IICRC website for class information.