Locating An Institute Of Carpet Cleaning And Restoration

When a technician wants to enhance their skills through an institute of carpet cleaning and restoration, where should they look?

The first place many look is at the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC. The IICRC started as a small carpet cleaning business in the San Joaquin valley of California. It is now one of the most internationally recognized organizations, with over 140 approved instructors and over 70 approved schools in more than 25 countries. Their impact on not only the carpet and flooring industry, but overall public health, is unprecedented. They continue partnerships with trade associates to further their influence on this industry. They remain one of the most respected organizations in this industry because of the time, ethical practices, and high standards they maintain.

Do customers care what institute of carpet cleaning and restoration their technician attended?

Yes. As the IICRC has impacted the industry greatly, customers have come to rely on and trust a certified technician and firm that displays IICRC-certified logo either in their material or on their uniform. Like other home maintenance professionals, this branding is important since it is the first thing a customer will see. This alone assures the customer that the particular technician has all the needed certification to do an excellent job.

Is it easy for a customer to locate an IICRC-certified professional?

The IICRC website has a database of certified firms. It is readily available through their Locate a Professional tab on their website. Customers can search out a local firm and also verify that a firm is in fact certified.