How An Inspection Brochure Provides Understanding For Customers

Handing out an Inspection Brochure from the IICRC is a great tool to give a potential customer a brief explanation of services offered and education that each inspector has. They are sold in packs of 100, and are ready for any inspector to use upon receipt. Professionals in this industry understand the significance of being IICRC-certified; however, many potential customers do not know what the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is, or the significance of a technician being part of it.

Each Inspection Brochure gives an overview of what the IICRC-certified inspector is trained in regarding all types of flooring. This will typically include resilient flooring, substrate subfloor, marble and stone, ceramic tile, wood and laminate, and carpeting. The pamphlet states the training and certification that the inspector has received, including understanding how a subfloor is manufactured, installed, how it responds to additional layers of flooring, and any inherent characteristics of the product. It also explains that IICRC technicians are certified in spot or stain removal, cleaning, repairs, and installation of carpet.

The literature details that the IICRC is a globally recognized nonprofit organization that has been setting the standards for this industry for more than forty years. It also explains how the IICRC has expanded to multiple countries over the years. It goes on to explain the level of training that each professional receives to gain this particular accreditation, and why it is so important. The pamphlet also states that each examiner is an unbiased third party.

This type of pamphlet will ease the minds of potential customer’s as they realize that they are choosing an upstanding company with highly skilled technicians.