What To Do When A Home Suffers From Water Damage

A home may suffer major water damage when subjected to severe storms or flooding. Contaminated liquid can wreak havoc in a building, causing structural instability, electrical hazards and microbial growth. To repair this destruction, professionals certified in the restoration industry are usually needed. However, a family can perform some simple tasks and help prepare the building for professional help. Untrained people must be careful when combing through the wreckage and wear protective clothing.

High levels of moisture can quickly destroy many things in the house. This includes textiles, carpet, clothing, drywall and furniture, among other things. After just 24 hours, many of these items will be unsalvageable if they are not dried out. Microbial growth, like mold or bacteria, will also assert itself quickly.

Prior to contacting certified professionals, it’s possible to prevent further destruction in some areas. Porous materials like pillows, mattresses, box springs and particle board will typically need to be discarded, because they are breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. Allow textiles, furniture and clothing to dry in the sun, because this will greatly reduce the perfect environment for mold growth. Untrained people must be careful when searching through a home with standing water. Dangerous wildlife like snakes may be hiding in the house, exposed wiring may cause an electrocution hazard, and pathogens can result in serious illness. When entering a home suffering from water damage, wear protective clothing from head to toe, thick soled boots and a respirator with a filter.

Certified professionals should be contacted if the building has harbored standing liquids for hours or days. These technicians will be able identify moisture pockets in the walls and remove mold and bacteria from  these and other areas. They will also thoroughly dry the home and the contents.