Why Hard Surface Inspections Should Be Performed By Professionals

When it comes time for hard surface inspections, it is best to go with an IICRC-certified firm or inspector. The IICRC, or Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification is a world-renowned organization that offers training and certification in the industries of cleaning, inspecting, and restoration. A customer knows that when they have an IICRC-certified professional, the job will be done right the first time.

Why is it important to have certified professionals tackle hard surface inspections?

The training that the IICRC-certified inspector receives is the best in the field. To maintain good standing with the IICRC, the professional must demonstrate ethical practices and adhere to the strictest of guidelines. A customer can be confident that the assessment will be done properly with a certified professional.

What are some reasons someone would need their hard surfaces inspected?

Natural Disaster

Particularly in earthquake areas, flooring can be jolted, and cracks can occur. When filing an insurance claim for the repair, the flooring needs to be examined by a professional that can assess the situation without bias.

Manufacturer Defect

Sometimes after installation of flooring, something cracks or loosens, or dislodges completely, and the manufacturer is at fault. However, in most cases, for the manufacturer to pay for any repairs, they will require a third-party assessment. Several of those are now requiring that the examination is done by an IICRC-certified firm or technician.

Warranty Issues

In a home, accidents happen and are often on the floor. Someone spills something and doesn’t clean it properly. Or a child rides its trike across the floor with rocks embedded in the tires and scratches seem to decimate the surface. In any of those instances, there is likely a solution. But beware, if the solution falls outside of the guidelines in the warranty, it will void the warranty. With that being said, several flooring manufacturers require an IICRC-certified professional to do the hard surface inspections and repairs.