Getting A Green Carpet Cleaning Certification

Green carpet cleaning certification doesn’t exist in an official form yet, but a technician can still learn several environmentally friendly treatment methods through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Such an approach may not seem like a major priority, but treatment companies can have a big impact on the local ecology, and environmentally friendly treatment methods are extremely attractive to homeowners.

The IICRC’s CCT course addresses the fundamentals of flooring treatment, and during the CCT (carpet cleaning technician) students can get hands-on experience with environmentally friendly  cleaning agents and equipment. So, while a technician won’t be able to earn green carpet cleaning certification, they will still be armed with the latest knowledge and skills, some of which can be used with environmentally safer options.

One of the most important steps a company can take is handling its wastewater properly. Wastewater contains several toxins, and if it is not disposed of properly, these toxins can find their way into various water systems. The IICRC can show a technician how to store this wastewater, filter it, and locate a facility that can eliminate the water safely. It’s not just about responsibility to the local environment, either, as many localities enforce ordinances against reckless wastewater disposal. Violating these ordinances can lead to major fines, so for the sake of the environment, many companies are looking for greener options in the industry.