Why People Want A Green Carpet Cleaning Certification

While green carpet cleaning certification classes don’t exist as of yet, technicians can still learn various environmentally friendly textile treatment methods through industry organizations. Among these industry groups, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC, is the best known and most respected. The IICRC offers several classes dedicated to restoring, repairing, and treating flooring and upholstery. During their coursework, students in these classes will be taught many treatment options that can improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Even though they aren’t available, professionals looking for green carpet cleaning certification courses can still learn about environmentally friendly options during IICRC training. Improper use of chemicals  could be dangerous if ingested or inhaled. This is a problem for families with young children that spend playtime on the floor. These chemicals are also potentially hazardous if disposed of incorrectly because they can pollute the groundwater table. IICRC trained professionals are taught how to handle these chemicals correctly so that they don’t become a health or water hazard.

The IICRC’s courses are dedicated to showing technicians in the industry the most current methods, equipment, and substances suited for textile treatment. Many of these involve energy and water efficient machines, and new treatment compounds. Some compounds and polymers are often highly biodegradable (in excess of 90 percent biodegradable) and are effective treatment options. A recent trend in this field is using plant-derived substances to treat textiles.

Several of the IICRC’s classes also address the proper identification and storage of hazardous materials and substances. This is particularly important for water and fire restoration companies, which must be able to dispose of destroyed and contaminated material without damaging the local ecology.