Why Furniture Cleaning Services Are Used For Upholstery

Locating a reputable company to provide furniture cleaning services may be just an online search away, but they won’t all leave the same spotless results. Prior to doling out any money it is important to know exactly what sets a high quality company apart from the rest. Their training and certification, as well as their professional reputation can give a glimpse into what the company has to offer.

The wear and tear from everyday use can turn a comfortable couch or decorative chair into an eye sore among any decor. Even with frequent spot removal or vacuuming the upholstery will never have the same appearance it once did. An occasional deep restoration of the fabric is necessary to maintain its look and feel, while also lengthening its lifespan. Professional furniture cleaning services should have the proper knowledge, experience, and equipment to do just that.

Education and experience are important when selecting the right company to do the job. Firms displaying the Institute of Inspection Restoration and Cleaning Certification, or IICRC, logo are proclaiming their commitment to quality results. Once certified, technicians must comply with the ethical standards set forth by the organization while providing superb workmanship and customer service. Customers can rest assured that the technician:

  • Attended an IICRC approved school
  • Can provide proof of current certification and proper insurance
  • Partakes in continuing education in order to stay up-to-date on new methods and procedures
  • Can accurately identify fabrics and determine the proper cleaning and restoration approach
  • Promises to perform business safely with the utmost integrity

Often certified technicians have the knowledge and experience to go above and beyond debris and stain removal. They may specialize in other areas of treatment including those related to water, fire, and smoke damage as well. Rather than investing in new pieces altogether, a skilled professional can give damaged furnishings a fresh look with the proper treatment methods.

Locating furniture cleaning services certified by the IICRC can be done with an internet search, yet there are websites, including that of the IICRC (iicrc.org), which provide up-to-date databases of certified companies continuing to receive the organization’s endorsement.