The Difficulties With Cleaning Frieze Carpet

Many homeowners choose frieze carpet for its superior comfort and durability, but it can be more difficult to clean than other textiles. It is uniquely designed, with a deep pile and long, twisted fibers that lie flat instead of standing up. Because they lie flat, they are able to resist compression much more than other forms of flooring. As long as they are regularly groomed, they can last years or decades without deteriorating much. However, their unusual fiber structure means they need thorough cleaning from a professional regularly.

The problem with frieze carpet is that it hides solid debris from view and is tough to deal with when stained. Because the textile fibers lie in a random pattern, they can cover up soil and other solid debris. This random fiber pattern is also a problem when it’s stained with liquids. In standard textiles, the fibers stand straight up, which means that any liquid stains spread through the carpet in a predictable pattern and rate. With a random fiber pattern, though, liquid stains spread throughout the textile in more unpredictable ways.

Keeping frieze carpet clean means constant maintenance and an occasional deep cleaning by a professional. During a professional cleaning job, the expert will dry vacuum the flooring several times. They will also use a beater bar with the vacuum, which agitates the textiles fibers. This agitation loosens up solid debris and makes it easier for the vacuum to pick it up. Once the textile is clear of this material, the professional will be able to clean the carpet with the appropriate method. Experts certified in color repair can typically restore the textile to its original look if it has been damaged.

As long as the flooring is groomed regularly, it can last for a long time without losing its softness or color.