Is Free Water Damage Restoration Training A Good Idea?

If someone is looking for free water damage restoration training, they may want to rethink their approach. Basic water damage is a common issue and requires an adequate amount of skill and experience to handle properly. Any classes that claim to be ‘free” should be avoided because most of them don’t give a credible certification. Instead, they give just general information that may be lacking in depth. One should seek out certification from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in order to ensure the proper training in this area.

Despite having to pay for certification from the IICRC, it is in the technician’s best interest. Technicians that receive water damage restoration training from the IICRC are respected, well trained, familiar with modern techniques, and equipped with the latest technology. In the end, this all adds up to improved confidence and customer satisfaction.

Water damage can be a tricky problem to solve with so many different causes, including broken pipes, flood waters, and general spills. These seemingly simple problems can often lead to more severe issues such as mold, crumbling cement, and general weakening of the structure. IICRC technicians are specialized in determining the cause, assessing the damage, treating the areas appropriately, drying and utilizing the proper repairing techniques.

If someone decides to forgo free water damage restoration training and choose a more credible option, there are many ways they can find a course, including calling or visiting the IICRC website.