Different Types Of Cleaning Courses Available

Professionals in the carpet cleaning industry are constantly looking for every advantage, as competition is tough among technicians, and cleaning courses and certification can be that advantage for many. Homeowners are no longer satisfied with just picking out any technician online and hiring them, no questions asked. Now, consumers expect their technicians to be extensively trained and educated, and the best way for a professional to attain this education is through an organization like the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC.

Among the IICRC’s cleaning courses is the Carpet Cleaning Technician, or CCT. The CCT is the IICRC’s most popular class, and teaches the foundation that every professional should have. During the CCT, students are taught how to identify the variety of fibers they are likely to encounter while on the job. Students will learn how to treat each of these fiber types, using modern detergents and equipment.

By the time a professional completes the CCT course, they will be ready to take on a variety of jobs, and if a technician wants to improve their skills further and attract additional clientele, they can take other IICRC classes. Through the IICRC, a professional can learn how to neutralize odors, repair color damage, restore fire or water damage, and handle a variety of resilient flooring types as well, such as wood and stone.

The IICRC offers comprehensive training resources to professionals that want to improve their standing in the field, and once completed, these classes can provide a technician with a wealth of additional tools for their firm.