Furthering Education With Carpet Cleaning Certification Classes

Completing carpet cleaning certification classes at a professional, IICRC-accredited school can have multiple benefits on several levels:

1)    For the service provider:  Formal training ensures up-to-date industry knowledge, allowing the provider to apply the latest technology with confidence. In addition, documented IICRC education implies superior quality of work and professionalism to the consumer, therefore turning accredited course work into a marketing tool.
2)    For the service provider’s employer: Companies gain trust and respectability by employing professionals who are IICRC accredited. Employees who have earned the IICRC stamp of approval can lend a competitive edge and distinguish one firm from the next.
3)    For the consumer: Customers want to trust the service professionals they allow into their homes or businesses. When choosing a service provider, especially in the absence of personal referrals, customers often rely on a candidate’s professional affiliation and accreditation with a certifying body for peace of mind.
The first step toward IICRC accreditation is visiting the organization’s website.  There, prospective students will find a one-stop information portal for all their educational needs. The website includes links to dozens of IICRC-approved schools around the country. As an additional service, the organization provides course descriptions as well as credit details for numerous certification tracks beyond carpet cleaning, such as leather and tile maintenance.

The IICRC website guides students to courses in traditional classroom settings across the nation. They also list avenues for online or distance courses available for continuing education.

Upon successful completion of carpet cleaning certification classes, students are awarded with a patch depicting the CleanTrust logo, identifying them as well-trained, trustworthy and quality-oriented professional service provider to their customers and peers.