An IICRC Cleaning Brochure Is An Effective Way To Get Business

Unlike newspaper ads and many other means of advertising, using an IICRC Cleaning Brochure to increase the number of service calls is a relatively inexpensive way to draw customers.

Filled with information designed to boost recognition and customer acquisition for IICRC-certified technicians and firms, these pamphlets use everyday terminology and speak directly to the consumer, explaining the concept (and importance) behind the CleanTrust logo and the IICRC.  The IICRC Cleaning Brochure is essentially a marketing tool that emphasizes the value of certified service providers’ training and education in their field of expertise.

By explaining the IICRC’s function and purpose, the leaflet simultaneously creates brand awareness among consumers who will come to recognize the IICRC logo as a symbol of professionalism and trustworthiness. In other words: Prospective customers who believe in the IICRC and its standards will, in turn, believe in the technicians and firms that bear its logo in the form of a CleanTrust patch or decal.  Consequently, the pamphlet supports the marketing efforts of IICRC registrants.

The brochure outlines the value of hiring certified professionals versus non-certified service providers by highlighting the special qualifications, superior workmanship and quality guarantee offered by IICRC-accredited technicians and firms. The pamphlet further outlines the various types of certifications supported by IICRC, and emphasizes the special skills and training unique to IICRC-certified service providers. Consumers reading the leaflet are directed to the IICRC website in their search for certified professionals in their area, further increasing the chances that accredited service providers will be selected for the job.

Available on the organization’s website in sets of 100, the full-color tri-fold brochure can be distributed to potential customers in-office and on service calls.