Getting Certified Through Mold Remediation Courses

Getting certified through mold remediation courses can propel a technician’s career to new heights. Professionals in the water damage restoration industry often have to work on properties that are compromised by dangerous microbes. Consumers rely on these experts to locate, identify and remove these threats for their families.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC, offers the best choices for getting certified in mold remediation. IICRC courses are designed to be convenient for the technician, because they are taught all over the world by industry experts. This means a student likely won’t have to travel far to take the class. This class is taught over four days, and students must demonstrate their skills at its conclusion. In addition, the student must pass a written examination before they are recognized by the IICRC.

This class teaches several concepts crucial to the elimination of dangerous microbes. Students will be shown how to quickly dry properties damaged by contaminated water. Microbes can infest a home in as little as 24 hours of water exposure, so technicians must eliminate moisture quickly. Students will also learn how to find microbial infestations and identify their biology. Once identified, the technician will learn how to isolate the infestation and remove it from the property. In most cases, chemical treatment is not enough to completely eliminate the threat. Because of this, students will be shown how to spot unsalvageable materials and dispose of them safely. The student must also learn how to gauge the scope of the infestation and how to protect themselves from various health hazards.

With this knowledge, a technician will become a trusted expert in the industry and be recognized by consumers and employers alike.