Where To Start With A Certification In Carpet Cleaning

By attaining certification in carpet cleaning, a professional is demonstrating to others that they take their position seriously and that they can be trusted to handle a variety of tasks. It wasn’t too long ago that formal education wasn’t taken seriously, the thought being that everything could be learned while on the job. Consumer and performance studies are clear though – formally educated professionals do their job better and produce higher levels of consumer satisfaction. That’s probably why more homeowners are considering education as part of the evaluation process when looking for a professional.

There are several organizations that can help a technician attain certification in carpet cleaning, but the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is the one that’s been training professionals for decades. As such, the IICRC’s coursework has been finely honed, using the institute’s well regarded S100 standard.

The CCT (carpet cleaning technician) course is the one that technicians generally start with, as it demonstrates the fundamentals of treating a variety of soiling conditions and job settings. Students will learn how to remove both dry and suspended soils, and will also be introduced to the most modern detergents and pieces of equipment available on the market. Altogether, this knowledge will give a professional the tools they need to start picking up experience on the job and get their career started the right way.