Finding Companies Who Offer Rug Repairs

When considering a company to do rug repairs, some research should first be done. The company should have years of experience when it comes to cleaning and maintenance of these flooring pieces. They should be well educated on the different types of pieces, whether it is an Oriental, an antique piece, Persian, Native American or a custom rug. There also needs to be an understanding of the materials that are used, and how the materials are woven together. Expertise in the different cleaning and repair methods is important because not all pieces are made the same. The age of the piece must also be taken into account.

Common rug repairs consist of serging, binding, patching and re-weaving. The location of the damage will often determine which method will be used. Re-weaving consists of removing the entire part that needs mending and replacing the back, then using new material to reweave the piece back together. Patching is typically done if there is a small hole or tear. This is done by using a material remnant, and either sewing it or gluing it in the missing spot. A piece of yarn material that is placed around the edge and sewn or threaded to create a hand woven boarder is called serging. Binding restoration is when a slender piece of material is sewn around the edge to prevent fraying.

There are some things that can be done to help prolong the life of the flooring piece. That would be proper cleaning, and quickly tending to stains or spills with the appropriate treatment. However, when a fray, tear, or constant wearing needs to be attended to, a professional should be called for the best results.

Hiring A Persian Rug Cleaning Service

Unlike many of the household chores to tidy a home, a Persian rug cleaning is something that is best left to professionals. A professional has the skill and know how to maintain the beauty and vibrancy of hand-woven textiles. A professional will also have the necessary equipment and type of cleaning solutions that are suited to handling floor coverings of this type. Improper Persian rug cleaning techniques could result in ruining the textile. Experts are trained in how to treat the types and materials of these rugs in a way that ensures their durability. A thorough job means that no harmful solutions are left as a residue or spill in the home, and the air in a home with fresh carpets is cleaner too.

An analysis of the fibers and dyes before any washing takes place prevents shrinking and bleeding.  Other steps that occur before any work is done are having someone vacuum and inspect the floor covering.  This is done to identify any areas that will need special treatment and determine if the fabric is strong enough for hand or machine washing rather than a dry cleaning method. Whatever technique is best for preserving the color, shape and integrity of the floor covering is followed by a careful drying.  Leaving these textiles overly wet can result in the growth of mold and mildew, which not only causes them to slowly disintegrate but also comes with an unpleasant smell. The pile of the carpet is groomed in order to encourage it to lay in the same direction. The last step will be careful treatment of the fringe, which will be handled in a delicate manner.

Many of the places that specialize in washing these beautiful rugs are also capable of performing restorations.

Rug Cleaning

The rug cleaning process has multiple steps, but the only part that the owner needs to worry about is getting everything out of the way. Although the cleaning crew will move the furniture that is blocking access to the carpet or rug, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to remove the breakable, small items that may be resting on this furniture. An inspection helps the cleaners identify any areas that might be permanent stains and determine if the floor covering will shrink. While it is true that many floor coverings these days do not use jute, which has been known shrink when extremely wet, as a backing, a professional service knows to look for details such as this before a rug cleaning. Vacuuming is done to remove surface dirt, and problem areas are spot treated.  A hot water extraction machine will spray a temperature regulated stream of water and diluted soap to flush out dirt that has bonded to the carpet fibers. The machine removes the water as it sprays it to prevent leaving the floor covering completely soaked. A post-spot treatment is then performed for dirt that was not entirely expunged. The last step is to rake the pile to speed up the drying process.

Choosing a company that has some history in the business is always an intelligent choice. A company that has been around for more than a few years will have enough experience to master cleaning techniques and hone their customer service skills. The longer a business has been around, the more likely they are to produce an accurate representation of their skill set, integrity and customer satisfaction found in reviews. Reliable businesses can be easily found online, though it helps to search for a company that is capable of performing restoration and inspections as well.