When Is Carpet Inspection Needed

Of the millions of yards of carpets installed in this country every year, by comparison, very few carpets will develop problems and require an IICRC-approved carpet inspection. When problems do occur, they are typically settled to the home or business owner’s satisfaction by the agent that caused the problem, whether it is the installer or the manufacturer. On those occasions when discussion will not resolve the situation, it becomes necessary to call in an impartial, third party specialist to perform an inspection of the carpet. The assessment will reveal the type of fibers used in the manufacturing process, the age of the carpet, the extent of the damage, and what caused the damage.

An IICRC-approved carpet inspection can ascertain who, if anyone, is at fault for damage to the carpet. A certified inspector will thoroughly examine the carpet and determine where the blame falls. Since the inspector is an unbiased third party, he or she has no vested interest in the outcome of the deliberations. A detailed report documenting the issues, generated by the inspector, is presented to the party who called for the inspection. If the responsible entity refuses settlement, a lawsuit may ensue. If and when the issue goes to court, the inspection report may be introduced as evidence and the inspector may be called on to testify.