How To Go About Carpet Inspection For Your Home

When a carpet inspection of any magnitude is needed, it is imperative that only an IICRC-certified technician be called to the job. Whether in a home or office, on a small patch of carpet or an entire room, not just anyone has the comprehensive knowledge and training required to do it right.

The need for such an evaluation may come about for a manufacturer, distributer, installer, or the consumer themselves. The reasoning can vary, yet it is frequently due to a claim filed against one or more of those involved along the way. It is up to the certified professional to perform a thorough evaluation and provide an unbiased report of their test results and overall conclusions. These findings are precise enough to hold up in court when needed.

During the actual carpet inspection the technician will carefully check the flooring fibers for signs of discoloration, shedding, thinning, warping, unwanted odors and infestations. These conditions can evolve in older materials but should not be present on recently installed carpeting. Depending upon the specifics for which they were hired, the inspector will compile a detailed report as to the conditions they found and at which stage the error or irregularity occurred. It may be the result of incorrect manufacturing, improper installation, or even consumer misuse. Compensation may be awarded depending upon where the fault lies.

Only a certified technician can carry out every aspect of this process with the utmost attention to detail and accuracy. Not only have they completed ample coursework, they must also follow the strict industry standards the IICRC holds their technicians to. These standards cover various fiber types and characteristics, construction, installation, regular maintenance, and even related warranties. Their experience and ongoing education ensures that those involved will receive an impartial and fully inclusive report of their findings.